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Carol Estella Adams, Born November 5, 1941
Children: Robert Carosso (1960-2005), Carin Pontier D'Abrosca (1967),
Christopher Pontier
(1970-2000), step-daughter Kelly Bitov (1985)
Grandchildren: Carmelina Anne Carosso, Sara Christine D'Abrosca, Lauren Nicole D'Abrosca

with Dad and Godmother, Nat

with Dad and Mom, 1943
with Grandma Miner in 1947
with Joan and Grandma Miner

with Joan, cousins Dani, Rick, Mike, Paula at Christine's first birthday party

South Jr. High Cheerleader
Carol's Senior Class Photo, 1959
Carin and Robert, 1968

Carin and Chris, 1972
Carin's Senior Picture
Chris' Senior Picture
Jacques, Chris, Carin, Robert
with Marianna & Christina in Seattle, 1996
with cousins Marianna and Christina, Seattle - 1996
  Graduation, Plymouth State College, 1983
Plymouth State College (NH) graduation, 1983
Gadi & Carol, Bordeaux, 1999
in Bordeaux with Gadi, 1999

Married to Gadi Bitov, May 20, 2000

Carmelina Anne Carosso
Born January 19, 1999

Sara Christine D'Abrosca - born April 8, 2001

Gadi and Sara - 2001
As Ouiser in "Steel Magnolias"

With Gadi and Kelly, 2001

Sara and Lauren Nicole D'Abrosca, born December 21, 2005

Lauren Nicole



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