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Born Florinda Marie Sangiovanni on January 25, 1920 - Died March 27, 2004
Married to Alfred "Tubby" DiCicco (March 1920-October 1996) in September, 1942
Children: Michael (Jan. 18, 1944), Thomas (Sept 12, 1946), Gerald (May 27, 1950), Joseph (June 14, 1958)











Florence (left) and friends

Florence with Lena Sperlungo, Antoinette Frieri, Vito Sperlungo, Helen, and Elizabeth Sperlungo

Florence in 1941 ETO Al DiCicco, 1944

Alfred "Tubby" Dicicco, 1944
Husband Alfred DiCicco (Tubby)
Fred & Helen Sangiovanni, Florence, Giuseppe, Alfred

Giuseppi with Florence and baby Michael, April, 1944
with son Mike
and in 1945

Mike, Tom Jerry (before Joe)
Mike, Tom & Jerry

Joey, 1969
and Joe

Florence with Lena and Joan in 1960

with Bill Adams and Helen at Tom & Kathi's wedding in 1969

Florence's grandchildren with Aunt Helen

With sister Lena in 1996

and with Denise and sister Lena in 1998


With Danielle and grandson Isaiah 1998

and with brother Tony and sisters, Helen and Lena - 1999

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Teresa with Courtney & Casey, 1996
Almost all the cousins!
Grandchildren - Jay, Michael, Patrick, Stephen, Denise, Jennifer, Michelle, Courtney & Teresa at Pat's wedding, July, 2002
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Florence's Birthday, 2004

Florence and sons, 2004
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