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Giuseppe Sangiovanni (1881-1956)

Giuseppe was born in Mormanno (Calabria), Italy on May 2, 1881. His father was named Frank. He married Rosina Coiro on February 22, 1906 in the Parish of San Giovanni Evangeliste at Paterno de Lucania.

He came to America, arriving at Ellis Island, NY, on August 5, 1910. His children called him "Pa", but many of the grandchildren called him "Api", probably shortening Giuseppe? For many years, the family ran a market on Fenn Street in Pittsfield, MA, where they lived. They had ten children, one of whom (Florence) died in infancy in 1917.

After Rosina's death, Giuseppe returned to Italy and brought back Josephine, whom he married in 1947.

Giuseppe's loves were his garden, which the grandchildren helped tend, and his grapes, which he brought with him from Italy. The grandchildren used them in their pea shooters and felt Api's wrath over it.

He died in Pittsfield, MA, on December 20, 1956.

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With Rosina

with Rosemary and Joe