Joan Madeline Adams -
Children: Deirdre Marie, William Daniel DeSantis
Grandchildren: Jack Sebastian DeSantis and Alexa Rose DeSantis

with cousins Christine, Dani, etc., and sister Carol

with Grandma Miner and Carol

With cousin Danielle Goyette, 1958

Dan and Joan's Graduation, PHS 1963
Senior Photo, 1963   Danny's Senior Photo, 1963

Married to Daniel DeSantis-August 28, 1965

Baby Dee, 1968
Baby Bill, 1969

Joan with Danny, and kids, Deirdre and Billy - 1970

Dee and Billy with
Grandma - 1970

Sledding, 1971

At Mt. Rushmore, SD - 1978

At Cape Kennedy, FL - 1986

Joan with sister Carol and sister-in-law, MaryAnne - 1990

Joan and Danny, 25th Anniversary, 1990
At Dee's Wedding - 1996
Still happy after all those

Joan with Lena, Dee and baby Jack- 8/25/02

with baby Jack- 8/25/02

November, 2003

Dan, Dee, Kevin, Lena, Friend Susan, Joan, 2009

Alexa and Jack, Christmas 2009
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