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  Thomas DiCicco, born September 12, 1946
  Married to Kathleen Kubicki (3/20/47) on November 21, 1969
Children: Jay (6/16/70), Patrick (11/21/76), Jennifer (12/19/78)
Tom (center) with Mike and Jerry
Tom's Graduation, 1964
Brother Joey, Tom, Kathi and Mary 11/21/69

Tom and Kathy, 1968

Tommy (r) with cousin Joe Sangiovanni - 1978

Jay, Patrick and Jennifer,1979

Jay and Grampa "Tubby" 1995
at Deirdre DeSantis' wedding.
Tom & Kathy in 1996

Patrick, Jenn and Jay, 2001

Patrick & Beth, 7/19/02

Tom (seated) at Christmas, 2003

and first grandson, Patrick's son, Luke DiCicco

Son Patrick, March 2004

Tom with Kathy, Cousin AnnMarie and Uncle Dominic, 3/30/04

at Aunt Lena's birthday, 2005

Tom's retirement party, 2005

Beth & grandson Luke, 2005
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The "Club Car Gang" - nieces, grandkids, and others!

Kathy & Luke, 2006

and Luke as StormTrooper, 2008

and Jennifer

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Patrick, Jay & Kathy, Christmas 2008